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The first step to drive us towards this was the fact that I could not watch a good deal of videos which are sold at a real bargain price on eBay just because of region-barrier issues.  At the same time I have family living in Europe, and every time I wanted to send a video to them, or receive one, I had to go looking for a place to convert the tape. What I would get most times was a hefty price and a lousy quality.

I spend time searching the equipment to carry the conversion on my own. I managed to read a number of technical guides, just about every "For Dummies" book on the subject, and even got a chance to get some advice and work with some technicians from Rogers Television.

After a good deal of time spend reading and learning, and some very exciting last minute bidding on eBay, I have managed to put together a rather advanced equipment suite to convert VHS tapes and DVD's. For those of you interested here is a quick list of the equipment I use:

  • Sharp HD VCA50 Multisystem VCR

  • Emerson 19 Micron Head VCR

  • RCA VCR Unit

  • Digital MSC SB-3690

  • 80 gb, 3 GHz Intel Dedicated System

  • 2 x ATI All In One Wonder Radeon (128 mb)

  • Norcent and Cyberhome DVD players

  • ATI Capture, and WINDVD Recorder software

  • A series of Gold Plated RCA video cables

Let's be clear, this is not a job for me, it is however a hobby to which I give a great deal of time. I can guarantee the results you'll get will be great, since I enjoy doing this, and will try until I am convinced that the video produced is the best I can do. In most cases the result is a high digital quality picture, and very well kept colour scheme.



Comparing the results to what most corner stores will do, makes it quite clear that what I manage to produce is  high quality that's worth spending a few hours watching (without having to sit there and try to make out the faces, or the words).



If you do need a conversion check us out, and I believe you'll be impressed.  For more info on what we offer check the Services section, and use our Order section to place an order.





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