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In the US & Canada VHS tapes are recorded and played in a system called NTSC, and DVD's are coded to play in REGION 1 setting. In Europe and Asia VHS tapes are in a system called PAL or ME-SECAM, and usually DVD's are coded in REGION 2-8. For a more detailed summary of these specifications, and the exact systems in specific countries find out more here.

 For you as a buyer, watcher, or consumer this means that if you put a

PAL VHS or REGION 2 DVD in your VCR/DVD PLAYER you will not be able to watch it. This is unfortunate since there are some great bargains on foreign films especially online. If you are lucky and the media you are dealing with is a DVD usually most Computer DVD drives do not care for regions, and there are freeware applications which will allow you to adjust the region of your DVD drive. On the other hand a quick Google Search may allow you to render your DVD Player region free if the correct input sequence is found on the net.

If you cannot do any of the above two, or if you are stuck with a foreign VHS tape instead, then you need conversion services. Surely enough most Video rental places (eg.Video 99) will offer such services for you, but they charge a hefty price, and the quality is not all there. I myself when first using such services have paid anywhere from $19-$25 Canadian for converting a 3 hour tape, which wouldn't be terrible if what I got back had some quality to it, but it didn't. Since then I have put together

 equipment and finally have managed to provide my very own video conversion services. To find a bit more about this check the About page.


We provide our services locally in Toronto Ontario, and through mail/courier to the rest of Canada & US as well as Internationally


*Postage rates vary with order size, and are calculated automatically by the cart when you prepare an order so that you know the total before placing the order





For a specific list of the services we offer, and ordering instructions check here,  or  start placing your order.


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Converting VHS tapes (link)


Tapes that are in PAL can be played back and recorded into NTSC so they can be watched in a North American VCR.



Tapes that are in NTSC can be played and converted in Pal so that they can be played in a European/Asian VCR (please keep in mind, that some VCRs in Europe come with the capability to play both types automatically, in which case you may not need to convert)




Copying VHS, Hi8 Tapes or DVD to VHS OR copy DVD to  DVD


Copying tapes may be required to make backups of family memories, or a Video Presentation. Normally this is quite easy, you simply need two VCR's, but if you haven't got them, we are able to help.



*Please Note: Copying protected material is illegal under some Provincial/State Laws or Federal Laws, unless such copies are for personal use only.


Sometimes your tapes have aged and the video quality has degraded, or certain features on the tape affect the quality of the picture when copied, we can adjust such problems and allow for a good quality end-result


We can also copy your DVD discs to a new DVD disc, or a VHS tape (this is just copying, no system conversions, the "Digitize Service" below covers DVD system conversions)




We can also have the video stored in your 8mm camcorder tapes, or Digital8 tapes recorded into regular VHS tapes




*Note: Currently we are limited to only 8mm tapes that were recorded with a North American Camcorder in NTSC format







Digitize Your Video (link)


You may have already heard of this, take your old VHS tapes, copy them into DVD hence avoiding the possibility of losing the video due to problems with the tape.





**Note: Currently we are limited to only 8mm tapes that were recorded with a North American Camcorder in NTSC format


DVD guarantees two things: first longevity, your video will last much longer, and second, quality, the quality of your video will not degrade over the years.


If you have already invested on a standalone DVD-Recorder, you can probably do this yourself, but with a price from $150-$500 CAD, and a technology that seems to be upgraded from one week to the next you may want to wait to grab one of these units.


In the mean time we can Digitize your tapes for a price that barely comes close to $20 CAD, while adding on careful editing and fully digital quality.


Other services


If you require other services not mentioned above (eg. VHS-VCD, digitize to MPG format etc.,) or require bulk orders please contact us.


To learn more visit Services, our Info Page, the FAQ section.











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